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Fujian Super Tech Advanced Material Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a manufacturing enterprise of vacuum insulation panel (VIP), VIP-based vacuum insulated box and barrier film for VIP. We are devoted to offer the optimum products of perfect thermal insulation and energy efficiency such as refrigerators, freezers, vending machines, vacuum insulated boxes.

With two wholly-owned subsidiaries including Fujian Super Tech Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Film Technology Co., Ltd., we specialize in manufacturing VIPs of ultra-low thermal conductivity.

Super Tech Cold Chain Technology Co. provides the personalized and effective products for external wall insulation and the cold chain transportation of medicine, fresh food, refrigerated trucks and insulated shipping container.

Film Technology Co. focuses on the development and large-scale production of new functional barrier films such as foil barrier film, hybrid barrier film and non-foil barrier film.

Lead the market with our VIP of high quality and large capacity

Each product in our company will pass the stringent tests before it leaves the factory. Now, we possess not only the detection instruments introduced from other countries like NETZSCH from Germany and EKO from Japan but also our self-developed ST*Q detection instruments to evaluate product performance and conduct the test of VIP before leaving the factory.

Covering an area of 337855㎡ , our factory is equipped with12 production lines of core material of VIPs, 52 vacuum packaging machines, 2 automatic vacuum packaging lines, 2 composite film production lines, 40 ST*Q detection instruments and so on. Advanced equipment and rich experience in manufacturing enable us to improve our work efficiency. Today, the annual capacity of our VIP, core material, composite film and getter material is 12 million ㎡, 360,00 tons, 100 million㎡ and 40 million respectively.

Our products are spreading all over China after ten years of development. Further, we have established long-term and stable cooperation with many world-top electronics manufacturers from America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and so on. As the VIPs supplier of world top 10 best refrigerator brands, we are committed to offer VIPs with a good insulating performance.

As to the raw material testing, the production of core material, composite film and getter material, vacuum packaging and testing of final product in the end, the whole process is completed in our own manufacturing base. Great efforts have been made by our quality control department to test the thermal conductivity of each VIP for ensuring its high quality. What’s more, in order to manage historical data and build a quality tracing system of VIPs, we have established our own sample R & D department where records the data of quality tracing and parameter collection of our products over the past ten years.

Quality Management System

With the implementation of strict quality management system, our self-developed VIP products certified by REACH and ROHSSGS testing from SGS have passed the world's leading product testing and our factory has also passed ISO9001 and ISO14001.

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